“The best part of being a mentor is the fact that I am supporting people in their career; it is a stepping stone for them to get where they want to be. I am also learning myself; opening my eyes to different perspectives and reactions” (Senior Manager FMCG Poland, Mentoring Programme participant)


What is mentoring?

Most of us have heard of mentoring and have formed our own definition of it. This usually closely reflects our professional background and experiences. For the purpose of gaining some shared understanding of mentoring our working definition is: 

“Mentoring as a formalised process whereby more knowledgeable and experienced managers/professionals support and encourage the less experienced person in reflection and learning, so as to facilitate that person’s career, personal and professional development” (A.Roberts, 2000, Mentoring Revisited: phenomenological reading of the literature, p.162)

The above is only one of the many ways of defining mentoring. What we are proud of is that what we do not attempt to impose on our clients any pre-defined theories about mentoring. Instead we share our expertise with clients and encourage the co-creation and choice of mentoring definitions and solutions which fit only you and your business.


How can you use mentoring?  

  • ·Succession planning
  • ·Talent Development
  • ·Diversity initiatives
  • ·Break or Career Change Planning
  • ·Leadership and Management Development Programmes


How we can support you?

  • ·Explore with you whether mentoring initiatives are what your organisation really needs and, if yes, how they could add value to your overall people development strategy;
  • ·Define with you what mentoring means to your organisations, what is its purpose, who is it for and how can you sustain it;
  • ·Design, implement and evaluate a mentoring programme which fits with your organisation’s vision, culture and business needs;
  • ·Provide an independent evaluation of your existing mentoring initiative;
  • ·Develop your mentors, mentees and programme facilitators.


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