Gestalt Informed Workshops

Facilitating Groups &Leading Teams; Coaching & Consulting;  Resolving Conflict

The aim of all our workshops is to enable you to learn about and develop your own ways to integrate Gestalt informed tools and processes into your workplace practice – whether as a leader, manager, consultant, HR/OD expert, coach or other professional specialist.

These workshops are delivered in collaboration with Professor Paul Barber.

What does it mean Gestalt Informed?

Overall, the gestalt informed Leader/Manager/Coach/Consultant/Facilitator:

  • is committed to the development of the whole person (raising awareness to the sensory/physical; social/cultural; emotional; imaginative and spiritual levels);
  • works mainly with what they can see, hear and feel, rather than what they think or interpret;
  • aims to empower individuals and groups by working alongside them and engaging in a constant dialogue/identifying strategies which honour the client’s unique needs and vision;
  • is concerned with, and inquiring into, “how” things are organised, noticing patterns of behaviour and interactions;
  • is fully present and attentive to the reality around them;
  • appreciates and works with “where they and their clients are now”, attends to what they are doing at this moment to structure their organisational/team/individual life-space.

What can you learn from participating in our workshops? 

We deliver them as a bespoke solution for an organisation.

  • Facilitating Groups and Leading Teams (An Holistic Model of Facilitation)
  • Gestalt Informed Coaching and Consulting (An Emergent Model of Coaching)
  • Resolving Conflict (A Gestalt Approach to Facilitating Conflict in Consultancy Settings)

During our workshops:

  • We explore through dialogue and experimentation . . . rather than teach;
  • Look to the inter- relatedness of things . . . rather than isolate out facts;
  • Raise awareness to the options . . . rather than provide ready made answers.

We can work with a variety of sizes of group. However, these groups are purposefully small in numbers (8-10 people) which means that we can provide you with the level of attention you need by offering personal tuition, coaching and feedback where appropriate.

Our workshops function in a person-centred co-operative inquiry way where participants inform the agenda and take responsibility for how much they contribute to any given activity. They are experiential in nature. This means that action and experimentation of new techniques comes first and is followed by reflection and your subsequent learning. We welcome novices and experts alike, for we believe that much more can be gained when people with differing skills and experience work and experiment together.

What Next?

If you would like to learn more about our workshops’ content, availability or have an opportunity to talk to our previous participants, receive testimonials please do nothesitate to contact us. You can reach us on 

Paul has worked alongside Ewa for some 5 years.