Management Skills Development

Our bespoke management development programmes focus on developing management capabilities.

Our approach to learning solutions is based on the premise that effective management development must increase a manager’s capacity and commitment to take control over, and responsibility, for events. This means that during our programmes participants are encouraged to decide what and how they need to learn. How much they benefit depends on their active participation.

Our programmes aim to enable you to use any newly acquired skills and knowledge to  deliver greater business results. This means that learning is focused on action and the application of new skills to solve workplace challenges.

How we can support you?

We specialise in the design and delivery of some core people management skills workshops:

  • Managing and Developing High Performing Teams & Individuals
  • Coaching Skills for Managing People Performance
  • Managing Upwards/Your Boss
  • Leading Change Through People
  • Feedback Giving and Receiving
  • Communication Skills and Influencing

We can also help you design and deliver management development solutions, especially for cross-cultural teams.

To achieve sustainable impact of learning and to help managers with embedding the newly acquired skills, we make sure that our clients have an opportunity to create a combination of management development solutions which enable the application of skills in the workplace and subsequently embedding the bahavioural changes (e.g. Peer-to-Peer Coaching, Action Learning, Mentoring)

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