What is coaching?

Coaching is tool that supports individual learning (i.e.change). It can also support skills, knowledge development and behavioural changes which, subsequently, can impact on improved personal or/and job performance.

There are many definitions of coaching and coaching professionals may use different approaches to meet their client’s unique needs. However, basically the core characteristics of coaching in organisations are:

  • its a non-directive form of development (skilful questioning, instead of advice);
  • focuses on change, enhanced performance through mindset shifts, behavioural change and skills development;
  • involves raising awareness, identifying strengths, exploring possibilities and developing a strategy for action to realise individual potential;
  • it takes place in a confidential, non-judgmental space and in a spirit of partnership, trust and honesty, where the individual, a coach and other relevant stakeholders are responsible for co-creating the value for the individual and organisation.


How does it work?

Coaching takes places face-to-face and on the phone/via SKYPE with text and email used for support and updates. The number, length and timing of the sessions depend on the organisational context and individual needs. If you would like to learn more about how we could work with you, please contact us.


How we can support you?

Our Associates are professionally qualified coaches, facilitators, consultants who can offer both breadth and depth of expertise in the field of coaching. The diversity of skills and business backgrounds enables us to provide bespoke coaching solutions which uniquely meet your business needs. To learn more about who they are, how they work, what approaches they use please click here.


We can help you with:

  • evaluation of your existing coaching initiatives;
  • the design and implementation of  a coaching framework for your organisation;
  • provision of cross-cultural individual and team coaching (including cross-cultural teams);
  • integrating coaching with leadership and management development programmes;
  • provision of individual coaching programmes for your staff;
  • consultancy and practical advice about coaching so you can make informed decisions whether coaching is, and is not, an appropriate intervention for you and how to use effectively any  coaching initiatives in your business.


For more information, please contact us: