Appreciative Inquiry for Organisational Change

We support you to enable organisational change by:

  • engaging people in the co-design of the change process so that they feel responsible for and committed to change and so ensure its successful implementation;
  • working with the whole organisation to reveal interdependencies, interconnectedness and resulting patterns.

Our approach is underpinned by the principles of Positive Psychology like Open Space, World Cafe and the other participative, collaborative approaches we use help to address, manage and minimise the natural resistance to change and help to obtain ‘buy-in’ at all levels.

What is Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and how does it work?

It is a strategic and operational framework that makes it possible to look at the organisational strengths, aspirations and execution of ideas and solutions through the eyes of people involved in any organisational change process. AI is a strengths-based, participatory framework that involves people affected by a change to help co-design it at an early stage, so they feel appreciated, have a role in shaping their future and therefore are less resistant to change.

In Using Appreciative Inquiry we can support you to enable change at a team or organisational level by:

  • Clarifying with you which aspects of your business if changed would have a significant, positive impact on your business results;
  • Designing the change process engaging the whole organisational/team system;
  • Identifying the capabilities and knowledge you need to implement the change;
  • Designing learning solutions to develop these skills;
  • Evaluate the outcomes.

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