Independent Evaluation

We can help you to demonstrate how well the investment you are making in Learning and Development on behalf your organisation is working to achieve desired results. This can include return on investment in both a financial and non financial sense, as appropriate.

Learning and Development represents a significant resource investment within organisations though it is often treated as a recurrent cost, which discourages evaluating it as an investment. We can also help you design programmes using the results from previous research and evaluations to give you the best chance of getting it ‘right first time’.

So, if you are asking yourself questions like :

  • How do I develop, demonstrate and articulate a clear link between the outcome of L&D initiative(s) and its contribution to business results?
  • What are the key decisions I need to make about what and how I evaluate my organisation’s Learning and Development?
  • What is my function’s realistic capacity to evaluate?


How we can support you?

We can support you by providing independent evaluation service. It does not matter whether you are planning to evaluate a one day workshop, longer term leadership and management development, coaching or an overall L&D strategy. Nor does it matter if it is a programme you are about to start designing, have under way or is already completed, though the earlier we can get involved the better. One of the unique services we can offer is to support you in co-creating a framework for judging the success of your Learning and development interventions.

You will most benefit from our support if you engage in conversations with us about evaluating your L&D initiatives before you start to formulate design and outcome of your learning and development initiatives. However if you have a programme underway or already completed we can still help you.

We have extensive experience in providing practical support and guidance to evaluating L&D initiatives in private and public sectors in UK and Poland (Tourism, NHS, Schools, BP, Local Government, Financial Sector).

Evaluation of development programmes is designed and delivered in collaboration with Professor John Burgoyne

If you would like to learn more about our approach to independent evaluation and how does it work,
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